The Dehen 1920 N-1 Deck Jacket

The Dehen 1920 N-1 Deck Jacket

The Dehen 1920 N-1 Deck Jacket


Our N-1 Deck Jacket serves as a lasting testament to Dehen's century old commitment to quality; a commitment we honor with every piece manufactured in our Portland, Oregon factory. Since 1920.

Each N-1 Deck Jacket is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Made from high quality materials, this jacket is built to last. From the genuine Mouton (sheep) lining to the heavy duty Brass Zipper to the keyhole buttonholes right on down to the spirit imbued into each garment with American-made craftsmanship. This jacket is about as Heavy Duty Old School Truth as it gets!


We've traditionally constructed these jackets with a heavyweight 10.10 oz. Waxed Cotton shell that helps to keep the wearer not only dry, but insulated from the winter cold. This is our classic, tried and true N-1.


Recently, we've added new variation to our line-up that offers an unwaxed outer shell. A 13.5 oz. Japanese combed cotton brings a dense, but lightweight (in comparison to the waxed fabric) option for your closet. The result is something that has a lighter feel but also a nicer drape that isn't so rigid out of the gate. 


Because of the dense shell and thick mouton lining, we recommend sizing up from your normal Dehen size. This is a not a jacket that needs many layers underneath it to begin with, but even in a t-shirt we've found that this jacket runs about a half size smaller than our usual fit. 


 When it comes to finding a jacket that combines quality, durability, and luxury, the Dehen 1920 N-1 Deck Jacket is the pound for pound best jacket out there. An heirloom piece that can be handed down for generations.